1974-1977: Kim as a Youth Pastor and Counselor

This was a critical period in Kim’s walk with Christ. It was a time of preparation, spiritual development and a releasing of the rebellion that had built up over his youth. Kim also had a life-changing encounter at a nearby park where he went to pray one day and was visited by, what he believed to be, two angels. Hungry for all things about Christ, Kim worked as a youth pastor at various churches, and as a counselor at a drug rehab facility. His experience and biblical knowledge increased dramatically. It was also during this time that Kim was called to serve in the South African army. After completing his compulsory service, Kim worked at a local music store. It was there that he met Pastor Jimmy Crompton, who offered him a full-time job in his ministry, Word of Faith, in Port Elizabeth. Kim became the worship and youth leader and was very involved in street evangelism. This was the birthing place of Kim’s music ministry.

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