Our Goal Is To Change The World

Leading by example by responding to the most tragic circumstances affecting the most desperate of people across the globe.


Go With Us

The Boots on the Ground Partnership Program exists to bring love and hope, through the Good News of Jesus Christ, to some of the darkest and most desperate situations the world over. The financial support provided through this partnership enables House of Destiny to put boots on the ground to physically minister to those most in need all over the world.


We Stand With Israel

The Israel Partnership furthers Kim’s legacy of outreach to Israel and to Jewish people all over the world by supporting practical ministry in Israel and through Jewish missions. Israel is Forever, and we believe that our continued support is an act of obedience blessed by God.
(Genesis 12:3)


Helping Israeli Soldiers

Winter warmth given to the soldiers defending Israel’s borders.

Giving Medical Care to Syrian Casualties in Israel

Supporting our Israeli medical partners in their efforts to assist some of the many victims of the war that has ravaged Syria.

Helping Displaced Refugees in Ukraine

House of Destiny supports refugees in Ukraine.

Saving Lives in Israel

Bomb shelters provided for people across Israel.

Bringing Hope to Children Affected by Cancer

House of Destiny supports St. Jude’s Hospital in their care for children who are suffering from cancer and in their efforts to research future cures to this devastating disease.

Working with a Local Community to Provide for Children in Poverty

With the help of the Ventura County Sherriff’s office we identify and assist local families who need assistance during the Christmas season.