Learn about the Founders of House of Destiny, Kim and Jane Clement, with this interactive timeline featuring stories and photos from their lives.

Kim was the second of four children born to Vivian and Babette Clement in Uitenhage, South Africa. Vivian worked as a Superintendent with the South African Railways, while Babette worked as a receptionist at a local doctor’s office. To help make ends meet, Babette ran a small printing business on the side. The family lived in a modest home.

Along with his sister, Shelly, and brother, Barry, Kim was taught music from an early age. It was Kim’s Aunt Isabella who taught him classical piano. When Kim turned five he began to study the piano and spent hours daily practicing. He demonstrated a natural gift and could play music from memory. Kim was educated at Lawson Brown High School in Port Elizabeth. Family vacations were spent on his grandmother’s farm. Kim was rebellious from an early age and started smoking marijuana in his early teens. At age 12, Kim, along with his brother Barry, formed a band called Mark 4, which played at dances and other small local events. Over the next few years, the brothers played with various other bands gaining recognition in the local scene. Kim showed his versatility by playing various instruments, which caught the attention of a band called Cosmic Blues. They toured South Africa with Kim playing keyboard. By age 17, Kim was addicted to heroin and was suffering from depression.

Jane is the firstborn child to Roger and Gloria Barnes. She was born near Durban in South Africa. Roger was a Technical Manager in the oil industry, and Gloria was a homemaker.

Jane grew up in the suburb of Kloof, which is close to Durban, South Africa. She, along with her younger siblings, Margaret and John, were educated through the local school system. Jane and her family attended the Full Gospel Church where her uncle Fred Roberts was the senior pastor. Fred Roberts went on to become the founder of Durban Christian Center, which was the first non-denominational, non-racial church established in apartheid South Africa.

After spending a night in a bar drinking and overdosing on heroin, Kim was stabbed and robbed. He stumbled out into the street and collapsed. Lying in a ditch dying, he remembered hearing words a pastor had told him at the age of ten and cried out to Jesus to help him. Kim was found by a Christian man, who got him the help he needed but also went on to share with him the message of Christ. Kim’s life thereafter was forever changed, and he dedicated himself to Christ. Kim was baptized at the Uitenhage Full Gospel Church and spent three years serving there.

This was a critical period in Kim’s walk with Christ. It was a time of preparation, spiritual development and a releasing of the rebellion that had built up over his youth. Kim also had a life-changing encounter at a nearby park where he went to pray one day and was visited by, what he believed to be, two angels. Hungry for all things about Christ, Kim worked as a youth pastor at various churches, and as a counselor at a drug rehab facility. His experience and biblical knowledge increased dramatically. It was also during this time that Kim was called to serve in the South African army. After completing his compulsory service, Kim worked at a local music store. It was there that he met Pastor Jimmy Crompton, who offered him a full-time job in his ministry, Word of Faith, in Port Elizabeth. Kim became the worship and youth leader and was very involved in street evangelism. This was the birthing place of Kim’s music ministry.

It was at the Word of Faith church that Kim met Jane Elizabeth Barnes who was visiting Port Elizabeth with a friend. She stole his heart and Kim soon moved to Jane’s hometown near Durban, South Africa to be with her. They were married that same year. Kim started assisting Jane’s uncle, Fred Roberts, who was the senior Pastor at the Full Gospel Church in Durban, with the youth and worship teams.

Kim and Jane welcomed their first child, Donné, into the world on November 29th 1979.

Kim assisted Dr. Fred Roberts along with pastors Neville and Wendy MacDonald to establish the first non-racial, non-denominational church in apartheid South Africa called Durban Christian Center. Kim continued to fulfill the rolls of worship and youth pastor. Kim established his calling as a Prophet during this time, giving amazingly accurate prophetic words to many people.

Kim travelled with Jane and their two-year-old daughter, Donnè, to the USA to study at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX. Kim assisted at a Baptist Church in Longview, TX as an associate pastor.