2012 – 2015: House of Destiny Facility

In order to accommodate an ever-increasing congregation as well as to expand Kim’s musical expression, Kim moved the location of his studio to new larger premises in Camarillo, CA. The new House of Destiny facility also incorporated all the latest technical advancements to improve streaming capability and quality. It was during this period that Kim’s broadcasts grew the most rapidly, with viewers from over a hundred different countries joining in to watch each Wednesday and Saturday. Many great prophetic words came forth during this period that have come to pass, and many more that are still to come forth. The growth in support for Kim’s “Den” and the House of Destiny allowed Kim and Jane to support many wonderful causes and organizations around the world. Countless lives were saved and changed as a result of this. Their passion was not only for the children and orphans of the world, but also for Israel, her people and her protection. Kim, along with thousands of loyal supporters from around the world who shared in Kim’s captivating love for Israel, purchased bomb shelters, provided warm clothing to the Israeli soldiers, helped Holocaust survivors, the poor and disabled alike. Many Jews were financed to make the journey back to Israel and make it their home from countries all over the world, where they faced persecution or threats to their lives.

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