Learn about the Founders of House of Destiny, Kim and Jane Clement, with this interactive timeline featuring stories and photos from their lives.

Kim, Jane and Donnè returned to South Africa and continued to assist with the work at Durban Christian Center. They also established their own ministry called Kim Clement Evangelistic Association, and travelled all over South Africa, Australia and the USA with a small team evangelizing and doing itinerate ministry. Kim also worked with Dr.’s Fred Roberts and James Van Zyl doing huge healing crusades. It was during this time, while on a trip to the USA, that Kim met Pastor Mike Hayes. This connection began to open many doors for Kim in the USA.

Jacquelyn was the second child born to Kim and Jane on January 4th 1984.

Kim and Jane welcomed their first son, Caleb, on January 21st 1991.

Kim and Jane and their two young children, Donnè and Jacquelyn, moved to the USA. Kim and Jane were closely associated with Pastor Mike Hayes and Covenant Church in Carrollton, TX. In 1992 Kim and Jane established their own ministry called Prophetic Image Expressions. They spent the next few years growing their ministry and travelling all over the USA and Canada to many prominent charismatic churches, and made numerous television appearances on large Christian networks. It was during this time that Kim met and found many talented musicians including Israel Houghton and Ricky Sanchez. Together they established a new prophetic worship “sound”. In 1993, Kim broke both his wrists. While lying in hospital, he experienced a number of visions in which he saw a generation of people that had been lost or had grown weary of religion. This was the beginning a new direction for the ministry called Piercing the Darkness, and the concept of the Warriors of the New Millennium was born.

Warriors of the new Millennium was an outreach based in Detroit, MI focused on uplifting the poor and wounded people of the city; this movement eventually spread throughout the United States. It also started a course of events that began the transformation of Kim being an itinerant Minister/Prophet to becoming a global end-time Prophet. There were many other significant events that took place during this period – Washington for Jesus, where the song of the Lord came forth over America, and Gathering of the Dangerous where the word about 9/11 was given to Kim. Kim also joined with Dr. Lance Wallnau and Dr. Mark Chirrona for the nationwide Fusion conferences. Kim also spent a season in New York City during this period. It was during this time that many of his most iconic songs were birthed.

Elizabeth “Libby” is the third daughter born to Kim and Jane, born on August 16, 1996.

Jakob was the second son born to Kim and Jane on January 9th, 1998.

God instructed Kim to start a work in Hollywood. After ministering at various locations in and around Los Angeles, Kim got a word from God “Build me an altar and I will send the rain.” Kim also recalled that Prophet Roger Teal prophesied in 1984 that Kim and Jane’s last season in ministry would be on the west coast of the USA, and that Kim’s music would be in everyone’s ears. In 2005 Kim moved his family and team to California to establish his church in North Hollywood.

In 2008, Kim was invited to do a concert on Mt. Carmel in Israel. It was during this trip – while Kim and Jane were participating on a Christian TV program at a local studio – that Jane came up with the idea of creating a studio for Kim back in the USA. A small office space was rented and “The Den” was birthed, broadcasting three times weekly via the internet. No one anticipated the success this would be with viewership almost doubling monthly as followers tuned in to hear what God had to say through His Prophet. Kim also launched his highly successful School of the Prophet over this period. In 2011 Kim did his “Israel is Forever” concert at the Tower of David in Jerusalem’s Old City. It was during this time that Kim’s understanding of the importance of the land of Israel grew, as did his love for the land and its people.

The devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March of 2011, and the images of the many children that lost their families because of this, prompted Jane to look into adoption. Her attention was drawn to China and the plight of the vast number of abandoned special needs children that were in search of families and medical help. In December of 2011, Kim and Jane travelled to China to adopt two little girls, Li-Anne and Mia Faye.