Malaysia Flight MH370 and ISIS

On March 20th, 2014, Kim Clement prophesied that authorities would have difficulty finding the Missing Malaysian jet, at which time the authorities had claimed to have found the jet.

(This prophecy came forth after the Malaysian jet first went missing a few days prior in March 2014, and actually on the news at the time Kim gave this prophecy, the media was incorrectly reporting that they found the jet off the coast of Australia. This jet is still missing.)

Kim Clement prophesied about a new terror group that would arise, and three months after that prophecy, in the summer of 2014, ISIS emerged.

March 20, 2014

This incident, this tragedy with Malaysian Airlines, has brought this nation to a place of fear. “We don’t know!” You’re not supposed to know! For all the nations stand before Me now without intelligence, without understanding. They know nothing. Where is your radar? Where is your intelligence? Why can you not find the coffin on wheels? Why can you not do it? For I have shown the entire



A new territorial spirit has arisen and has fouled the nations of the earth, has fooled the nations of the earth. And God said, it will continue and they shall say this has given us an idea – steal jets. And your intelligence says “it shall never happen since we have implemented the security.”

What you have done, says the Lord, is you have ignored your reliance upon the King of life itself, the Lord Your God. Now you’re at My mercy, says the Lord. Search as much as you wish, for it shall come to pass that I will expose.


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